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Writing a will is one of the most important legal decisions you can make towards safeguarding the long-term security of your spouse, children and assets.

Our specialist wills and probate solicitors work closely with you when drafting a watertight document that is directly in line with your personal circumstances and priorities.

Harlington Law’s solicitors will ensure you are making use of all available inheritance tax reliefs and exemptions, and that your assets are protected from the impact of long-term residential fees. Our expertise in drafting more complex will arrangements that account for a range of beneficiaries and trusts, such as enabling clients to make provisions for children or dependants from a previous relationship, is essential to achieve a clear outcome.

Many of our clients simply don’t have time to administer an entire estate themselves, nor to claim all tax exemptions that are available to them. Our wills and probate team can support as much or as little of the estate administration as is required, from full administration to obtaining a grant of representation. Where appropriate, our lawyers can also advise on the content of supporting documents such as a letter of wishes.


Approximately 6 in 10 adults currently living in the UK have not registered a Will. This means that these people are leaving their entire estate, finances and assets to the ruling of UK intestacy law – which a person’s family has no control over.

Without a formal Will, an unmarried partner does not have an automatic entitlement to key aspects of the estate, the family home is liable to be sold and children may be unintentionally disinherited when the eventual ruling is announced. That’s why it always pays to think ahead and prepare for any long-term possibility well in advance.

At Harlington Law, we offer an extensive range of fixed-fee legal services including Wills. Our fixed fee service does not limit the quality of service we provide and we aim to deliver a stress-free process for our clients. We do not charge for our aftercare service and we will also store your Will safely and free of charge. Our team is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Law Society and we guarantee that your Will is drafted by a fully insured member of our team.


Individual or Wills prepared for a couple are amongst the quickest and simplest to arrange because of their basic nature.

For example, a basic Will for an individual would be where an estate is passed onto a named beneficiary or substitute beneficiary thereafter.

An example of a basic Will for couples would be where you pass on everything to your spouse/partner and then to your children/dependants thereafter.

In complex circumstances, our team will provide you with a bespoke Will, one which is tailored to your needs. The Will can accommodate any children you may have from a previous relationship or even allow you to control the monies received by beneficiaries.

Our legal services include:

  • A bespoke Will writing service
  • Preparation of a Power Of Attorney

At Harlington Law, we believe that legal services should be affordable which is why we have fixed fees to showcase our expertise and build long term relationships with all our clients.

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