Harlington Law is a leading law firm with offices in Luton, Bedfordshire. We offer a full range of legal services to businesses and individuals.

We are an approachable team that provides our clients with excellent service and we are committed to improving every aspect of our firm.

Our goal isn’t just to meet your expectations – we’re keen to exceed them!

All our lawyers are experts in their chosen field and participate with ongoing learning to stay informed of the latest developments and regulations. Our team works cohesively to ensure you receive effective legal advice and guidance.


We have specialist advisors in all areas of our business as well as friendly Administrative staff who will be able to help you when you make contact.



We believe in long term relationships of trust with our clients. We provide peace of mind, quality services through good communication, speed of service and continuous improvement.

An ethos of putting our clients at the forefront of everything that we do, remaining current and offering a tailored professional service has continued to secure the firm's longevity.

Our expert team

Our people are important to our success. Their expertise, experience, ideas, and motivation make our firm what is.

We have some exceptionally talented people who are all focused on the same goal: exceeding the expectations of our clients to deliver a high-quality legal service.

Farrukh Naeem

Partner and Solicitor/Head of Conveyancing

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Farrukh Naeem

Partner and Solicitor/Head of Conveyancing

Farrukh is the head of the Conveyancing department. He became a partner at Harlington Law in March 2020, bringing over a decade of experience within residential and commercial property law. He has a reputation for excelling at client expectations and understands the importance of placing the client first.

As the head of Conveyancing, Farrukh has dedicated his time in building a team that share the same values and visons as himself. Farrukh is very keen on ensuring high service standards are maintained and delivered, being a firm believer in customer service. He prides himself on client care and is confident in his approach due to the extensive conveyancing knowledge that he has built up over the years. As the head of the department, his role is to also research and network with other professional groups and individuals in the industry. This ensures that the team are at the forefront of market trends and legislation changes, in the ever-moving property climate.

Farrukh has management and leadership skills which make him a very approachable person, with this and his passion to serving others he is always receiving admiration from his peers and clients. Farrukh is known for his warm and friendly attitude towards clients and always prioritises his client’s best interest. 

One of Farrukh’s biggest transactions to date was a purchase of a private hire firm in the excess of 2 Million pounds. His highest number of completions in a day is twenty and he is trying to further this achievement in the future!

In his spare time, Farrukh enjoys playing racket sports such as hockey, badminton, and squash. He is also a family man where weekends are spent with his wife and daughter in activities such as visiting parks or going on nature trails.

Kabir Khan

Partner and Solicitor

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Kabir Khan

Partner and Solicitor

Kabir is responsible for creating the vison for the firm’s future, which is to be the best client orientated law firm in the home counties and future aspiration being to make Harlington Law the most customer centric firm available.

As a senior partner of the firm, Kabir combines leadership and management to be the driving force to success of Harlington Law. He understands that today’s clients want more agility, quality, transparency, delivery and most importantly the human touch. He understands technology and adopts to the needs of clients but never forgets that human interaction and relationships are paramount to any firm’s success. Going forward Kabir understands the constant innovation in law and how this serves to benefit society. 

In his spare time Kabir enjoys playing snooker, doing charity work, fitness training and spending time with family.



Diversity and Inclusion

Harlington Law employs people from the community as a whole and from a variety of academic backgrounds. We support equal opportunity in the workplace, and it is important to us that everyone is treated as an individual and is entitled to work in an environment free from all forms of discrimination so that each member of staff can reach their full potential.

We encourage cooperation and teamwork and provide fair and ethical treatment of all employees regardless of race, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, religion or religious belief, age, disability or social background. This commitment is also true in the provision of services to our clients.

The firm is committed to developing and implementing best practice in equality, diversity, and inclusion as employers; providers of legal services; purchasers of goods and services; and in their wider role in the community.

All employees and those acting on behalf of the firm are required to adhere to the firm’s equality and diversity policy which covers employees, clients and third-party suppliers.

Interest Policy

As part of carrying out your instructions to us, we may need to hold your money in our client account. In holding client’s money, we have an obligation to pay interest on that money at a fair and reasonable rate and are required to put in place an interest policy; this policy sets out the guidelines for when interest will be paid and is summarised below.

We aim to account to you for interest at a reasonable rate of interest, however as the holding of your funds is incidental to the carrying out of your legal instructions, the rate is unlikely to be as high as the rate you may be able to obtain when depositing the money with your bank.

Where amounts are held outside of a general client account or separate designated deposit account, the rate of interest and date that interest is credited will depend on the relevant institution where the funds are held, and as such fall outside of the requirements of this policy, The relevant interest information can be obtained at your request.

Where your money is held on our general client account, any interest paid to you is paid without deduction for income tax (unless you are resident overseas – see below). As such it is your responsibility to inform HMRC of interest amounts received from us and the implications of this will depend upon your own financial circumstances. Where interest is held on a separate designated deposit account, interest is usually paid net of tax (unless you have signed a declaration confirming your entitlement to receive bank interest gross). The same rate of interest will be paid on money held in a general client account as will be paid on money held in a separate designated deposit account (assuming that this will offer a fair and reasonable outcome for the client and the firm).

Under the European Savings Directive regulations 2003/48/EC we are required to inform HMRC of payments of interest to relevant payees and residual entities in prescribed territories. Where you reside outside of the UK and EC, we are required to deduct income tax at the current basic rate and account for this interest to HMRC directly and pay you the net amount.

Interest will be calculated from the time the funds become cleared for interest purposes, on cheques or banker’s drafts this will be 3 days after the cheque or draft has been deposited with our bank. For amounts received by debit or credit card, interest will start to accrue from the date of the actual receipt, usually, 3 days after the transaction has been authorised. For direct transfers or same-day payments, the funds become cleared on the day after receipt. Interest will be calculated on a daily basis and calculated on amounts held overnight from the day the funds become cleared for interest purposes.

Interest is added to each client account quarterly and/or at the end of each case if sooner. Interest will not be paid if the sum of money held is not exceeding the amount shown in the left column below for a time not exceeding the period indicated in the right column. Interest will only be paid if the amount is £20 or more.




8 weeks


4 weeks


2 weeks


1 week


The rate of interest is based on our current bank rate (duly tiered) and monitored regularly

£0 โ€ £999,000.00


£1,000,000.00 +


As the rates change the interest is applied which duly calculates the various rates applicable as per length held.